Success Stories

Still loving it since day 1

Wantland sitting at table with valentines treeResident Wantland has resided at the Lodge At Brookline since the first day the community opened. As a resident at the Lodge, she enjoys socializing with residents and employees alike. Recently, Wantland has found a new significant role as a Resident Ambassador. Though she may not call herself an ambassador, Wantland fits that role perfectly. She loves to welcome new residents into the Lodge Family, as well as inviting them to the activities and programs offered within the community. Being the longest residing resident, Wantland has shared that she simply loves the fact that there are friendly staff here! Wantland also added that the geographic location of the community makes it easy for her family, friends and loved ones to visit her. From day one until now, Resident Wantland expresses that she loves the comfortable friendly atmosphere of the Lodge. We, at the Lodge are so happy to have Resident Wantland as part of our family. Her presence here has made this Community a bright and cheerful place to live. The Lodge At Brookline is modeled on a superior resident-centered, comprehensive care program. We serve generations of Oklahomans, offering modern, professional and compassionate care.